Learn How You Can Beat Your Competition by Leveraging From a 3PL

Learn How You Can Beat Your Competition by Leveraging From a 3PL

By In Ingles, TOTAL LOGISTICS On May 28, 2015

2015 A Year of Fierce Global Competition

To be competitive in this world, you have to be able to become a constant innovator and have a great skill that separates your product from your competitors.

Unfortunately, we all know that’s not easy!

Especially when there is a constant variation in production cost, barriers to entry, logistics and hundreds of more factors that lowers productivity.

The level of productivity, in turn, sets the level of prosperity that can be earned by a business.

In other words, a more competitive company is the one that is likely to grow faster over time.


How would you be able to achieve such a fast growth over time?

Focusing on Innovating and Mastering the Quality of Your Product

When you know that you compete on a global scale and your core business is for example, (Medical Instruments) and not managing your inventory.

A good reason for you to leverage from a Third Party Logistics or 3PL Company, is quite obvious.

Advantages of a Third Party Logistics

It’s essential to understand that a 3PL is a business partner, not just any service. A 3PL can handle itself in an environment of big pressure and at the same time, offering you a great customer service.

Make sure you find a 3PL with a strategically location, such as Tijuana, Mexico. 3PL companies in Tijuana are in between the Long Beach, CA port (one of the biggest in the world) and the Ensenada, Mexico port (an uprising and efficient) port.

When you research for a 3PL, one of the first questions you should ask them, should be; how “flexible is the service and how innovative is the IT infrastructure”?

Working in such a versatile economy, if the IT system inside a 3PL, can’t mold into the customer’s needs in days or weeks, you should move on to the next 3PL company.

Of course you want to hire a logistics service provider that can handle and has experience working in different environments, such as:

  • • VMI
  • • Pick and Pack
  • • Kitting
  • • Distribution
  • • 4PL

Not only having experience in different customer needs but also extensive knowledge in different industries.

Choosing a financially stable 3PL company is always a smart choice. You never know how fast your company will grow. In case your volume increases, you’re 3PL will need more space, racks, labor force, and many more.

Always make sure you do your due diligence, but visiting their facilities is a must before signing a contract with a 3PL company.

If you have any questions about our 3PL services in JD Group Total Logistics, please contact Gustavo Gonzalez at ggonzalez@im.jdgroup.net

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