Are you certain your valuation is correct? We can help with your Trade Compliance

Trade Compliance is complicated and JD Group is here to help. Welcome to our series of trade compliance support articles specially designed to help you in managing trade compliance, avoiding surprises, reducing costs and achieving the best possible outcomes. We[...]

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Learn How You Can Beat Your Competition by Leveraging From a 3PL

2015 A Year of Fierce Global Competition To be competitive in this world, you have to be able to become a constant innovator and have a great skill that separates your product from your competitors. Unfortunately, we all know that’s[...]

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Reduce Costs and Save Money with NAFTA

Passing a U.S. Customs NAFTA Verification The U.S. Customs NAFTA Verification process begins when your company receives a CBP 28 “Request for Information”. This request will cover a specific U.S import entry and one or more part numbers. The request[...]

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Welcome to!

As part of our commitment to innovation and service, we recently completed our new website. In this new web presence, we introduce new initiatives and projects whose main idea is to improve communication with our customers and our industrial sector.[...]

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